About Muules

Muules piece together three parts that sound like the sum of six. Bass covering the low and high ends, big drums, belting vocals and touches of synth, all wrapped up in a tasty alt-rock package.

Imagine Grinspoon and Royal Blood giving birth to a three-headed musical child, sticking it in a DeLorean, sending it back to 1990’s Seattle, and letting that bastard fend for itself... and you get an idea of what Muules sounds like.
— The Point Music News

Their story...

“Holy s***! How did you get the bass to sound like that?”

Quite a common question that Muules encounter after every live set. The Sunshine Coast (QLD) alt-rock trio blend pedal wizardry, big rock beats, and unique, powerful and passionate vocals into a rhythmic, grungy, and at times progressive, sound.

Taking cues from Royal Blood & Death From Above 1979, Muules ditch the guitar and let the rhythm section take over, making for an explosive live set with nods to influences such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Grinspoon and Muse.

Having supported Ecca Vandal, Rackett, (Dune Rats prodigies) Pandamic, Hobo Magic, Port Royal and more, Muules served up their debut EP, ‘In The Lines Between’ (produced by Brian Goodworth, mastered by Paul Blakey (Amy Shark) ) in August 2018.

2019 sees the trio exploring their sound further, with new single ‘Unabated’ due for release on February 22nd. This will be the first taste of their upcoming debut full-length release.

This is not your average run-of-the-mill trio. This is Muules.

Debut EP, ‘In The Lines Between’ (featuring the single, ‘Butch Teeth’) out now via iTunes, Google Play, and stream on Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud and more.



Who are Muules?


Rhys - Bass

Songwriter. Creative Director.

Lover of pop culture. Collector of comic books.

Manages to make his bass sound like many different instruments wrapped up into one... just don't ask how.

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Nathan - Vocals

Vocalist. Lyricist.

Pint-sized singer that can sound like an angel screaming into a horn, with the volume to bring down mountains.

Has seen a lot. Knows things.

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Nick - Drums

In charge of hitting inanimate objects, and making it sound huge.

Curator of a very fine hat collection.

Able to grow dapper moustaches with ease.

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